Airbus A330-200 Turn the tide on plastic

More than a 100 years aviation experience

We are a group of aviation entrepreneurs each with more than 30 years aviation experience.

In 1993 Thor Magnusson met Paulo Mirpuri who was then in his mid twenties and launching a new airline. Thor moved to Lisbon with his jet the “Spirit of Iceland”. It became the airline second jet. Thor flew it with Paulo for a period of time to help grow the business that later became the largest independently owned airline in Portugal.

We have evolved into a world wide network of experts in the acquisition, sale, leasing, charter and operation of commercial and executive aircraft. We can can quickly and efficiently locate the right aircraft for your operation.

Social responsibility

A strong sense of social responsibility has been a powerful catalyst in bringing us together in a new and exciting opportunity for for the aviation industry.

The Peace 2000 Institute was founded in Iceland by Thor Magnusson in 1995 to promote and influence peace initiatives around the world.

The Mirpuri Foundation was founded by Paulo Mirpuri in Portugal with the aim to contribute and make a positive difference regarding the most pressing issues threatening our planet. Programs include marine and wildlife conservation and aeronautical research to reduce emissions.

Turn the tide on plastic

Based on the successful experience already achieved by Hifly, we can help your airline Turn the Tide on Plastic by implementing "plastic-free" flight operations.